How can you burglar-proof your windows to prevent intruders gaining access to your home? Many of us consider fitting strong, almost unbreakable front doors locks, and security alarms and surveillance camera sales are also on the rise. But are we doing enough to protect our windows, a recognized weak point in our homes?

DIY methods to burglar-proof your windows

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According to recent statistics, 6.9 million people across the UK are concerned about being burgled, but very few of us take the steps to protect ourselves and our properties, and especially our windows.

Fit impact-resistant glass and locks

Stronger locks on your windows hinder a burglar’s ability to open them. Impact-resistant glass additionally fortifies your home, as the glass is tough to break. Within the East Midlands, consider double glazing in Leicester.

Fit Bright Floodlights

As well as installing lights at the front door, consider installing them over windows too. A bright light will deter burglars, as the risk of being noticed increases substantially.

DIY methods to burglar-proof your windows 2

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Install window grilles

Absolute Window Solutions, who supply double glazing in Leicester, recommend fitting security grilles if you are particularly concerned about your home security.

For increased protection, consider grilles with small pattern spaces which do not allow room for weapons or hands to slip through. This is also a good opportunity to install decorative and ornate patterns for your windows.

Plant thorns

Plant thorny flowers, shrubs or bushes under windows to make them even less accessible to burglars. Likewise, avoid planting trees close to windows, as these can in fact aid burglars attempting to break into your home.

Tinted and reflective glass windows

Most burglars will assess your home by looking through your windows to see what they can steal. Fitting reflective or tinted glass leaves the potential intruder with no clue about your belongings, so they will be less likely to break in.

For further information on fitting windows in Leicestershire, search for companies specialising in double glazing in Leicester.

Security Alarms

A common mistake is to only connect your security alarm system to the doors. Burglars are becoming more skilled at finding ways to enter your home, and windows are often preferable to doors. With your security alarm hooked up, if your window is forcibly opened, an alarm will sound and hopefully, the burglar will flee.