Despite what some might have seemed, messaging applications improve relationships. Let’s see why? Mobile devices and instant messaging applications have revolutionized the way we communicate, to the extent they have left in the background to their own phone calls. In the main platforms are a large number of these applications, though WhatsApp and Line are still the most commonly used platforms.

Messaging applications improve relationshipsBenefits of the app messaging partner relationships

The benefits of these instant messaging applications are numerous: reduced costs, its immediacy, allow us to interact with custom groups of contacts, we maintain relationships facilitate and shorten distances. However, it can also be harmful when it becomes abusive use can also replace the necessary human contact or create us an addiction. It is important in any case make intelligent use of these tools, and thus avoid risks like a loss of control, a very strong psychological dependence, stop doing other activities or interfere our daily lives.

The majority of users of these apps are used to communicate with our partners, family and / or friends. However, the shadow of infidelity has always accompanied these applications. Capitalizing on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine Line makers have conducted a survey among its users to learn how these affect their messaging applications to your love life.

The ancestral “Love, delusions and instant messaging” was performed on 10,000 users. Contrary to common belief, Line users consider very positive the use of this application in everyday life with your partner. Specifically, a 76% indicates that helps them improve their relationship. Also, a 32% of respondents consider that helps them overcome the distance they have with their partner. Of this percentage, 46% prefer the use of chat, 21% of the stickers, video calls 17% and 16% calls to shorten the distance.

In addition, these applications help to relate with others and overcome shyness when talking with people they like. Thus, a 54% point out that through chat feels confident to say things that in person could not. Only 15% believe that better communicate with your partner in person. Meanwhile, 28% say that this type of applications can communicate more and better with their partners.

Digital infidelities

The survey also asked users about such a sensitive issue as infidelity. The results are clear; the 71% of the girls says he never deceived your partner through these applications, while the percentage drops to 62% in the case of men. Yes, only 16% of respondents think that chat is the first step to being unfaithful, while only 7% said they learned through LINE that your partner was cheating. Finally, a 15% of boys used to link Line, being so only 6% in the case of girls.

What is clear is that these applications have revolutionized the way we communicate, to the point that more than half of respondents (52%) said that the first message sent to your partner on Valentine will be using these applications. They are always what renege on this day and say they do not compliment your partner in any way (19%).