With lockdown restrictions easing, more and more of us are heading back out onto the road, whether for work, to the shops or best of all off to the seaside for a much-needed day out. But when we all get back into our cars again and head off, the last thing that we want is to break down.

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Although there are people who can help such as this car recovery Swindon based company, ideally, we want to get to where we want to go rather than being towed home! So here is how you can limit your odds of breaking down…

Regularly keep your oil and water topped up – This may seem basic, but the last thing you want is for a warning light to come on whilst you are on the motorway so make sure that you check this regularly.

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Don’t stop Aggressively – If you are in the habit of suddenly slamming the brakes on, this will take its toll on your brake pads which will become worn and dangerous.

Pay Attention to Your Car- Warning lights, strange noises and changes in how your car drives are likely an indication that there is something wrong with it. You should take it to a garage for a check up as this is not something that usually rectifies itself, and it could cause more damage in the long run.

Remove your Car Clutter – If you have a lot of clutter in your car, get rid of it. This is unnecessary weight which will make your car have to work harder and put a strain on it long term.