Finding a reliable garage to repair your car can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack – you can be surrounded by choice but unsure which to trust.

How to choose a quality garage for your car repairs

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You can hand over a lot of money when having your car fixed and if you know nothing about cars, you are not always sure it is worth it.

Your garage could have to conduct numerous tasks, such as changing the automotive wiring looms, fixing the brakes and recalibrating the electrics, which can all have a detrimental impact if not done correctly.

If you know what you are doing, there are plenty of companies out there to help you source parts, such as Rapid Fit provider of automotive wiring looms; however, if a garage is your first call, the best way to find a quality one is to follow a rating system. When looking into rating systems, ensure they are professional and involve an independent inspector conducting quality checks.

When you are looking at garage reviews, make sure the review site is not recommended by your chosen garage, as such review are likely to be biased.

Background checks

Research is key; for example, look into the price charged for work such as a full service and MOT. Independent websites such as the RAC can provide good comparison quotes.

No matter how local your garage, having repairs carried out on your car can be inconvenient, especially when you have to work. A good garage will understand this and should be able to offer you a courtesy car.

Take your time

A quality garage worth your business will also take time in its busy schedule to sit down with you and fully explain the work that needs to be conducted and why. Any garage not willing to tell you what your money is being spent on should be avoided.

Unfortunately, the automotive industry has a bad reputation. One nightmare garage owner making it into the press creates a backlash of people questioning the ability of all garages.

If you do your research and speak openly and honestly to your local garage about your concerns, you will soon find a good match. This is vital, as your safety on the road relies on up-to-date car maintenance and quality parts.