The traditional taxi cabs of the UK’s capital are getting a major update to make them more eco-friendly and safe. Although even with the TX5 model making its debut in 2017, the threat posed by rival service Uber looms large and cabbies may need to invest in VW Campers for sale to mount a meaningful protest in the interim.

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Green Transport

Unveiled this month after a £300 million development process, the TX5 truly is a next generation cab thanks to deriving power from a hybrid engine setup. This will not only mean that it should produce less greenhouse gasses than the current crop of cabs, but will also benefit from subsidies meaning that it will be an affordable investment for drivers to make, according to AutoExpress.

The TX5 should have an electric-only range of more than 100 miles, according to its creators, meaning it may be able to spend much of the day on London’s streets without ever having to burn any fossil fuels. It has also been given five stars as part of the Euro NCAP ratings system for safety, ensuring that any cabs that do get into accidents should keep the driver and passengers as well protected as possible.

Good Looks

The aesthetic impact of London cabs has become iconic over the decades, so while under the skin the TX5 is a modern machine, the exterior is still recognisably inspired by its predecessors. And it is this preservation of detail that makes a difference not only for these vehicles, but also the classic campers sold by companies like morecambeandwize.

The hybrid powertrain combines an electric motor and diesel engine, both of which are found up front. All of this power is delivered to the rear wheels, which leaves the front set free to help manoeuvre the vehicle through London’s narrow alleys.

While the function of the new TX5 will be identical to that of its predecessor, with similar looks linking them superficially, it is actually an entirely new beast, boasting thousands of entirely unique components not found on any other cab.

Six seats for passengers will be available within, with a glass roof up top to provide panoramic views. And while the TX5 is still over a year away from hitting the market, it promises good things for the future of London taxis.