Passing your driving test is tough and is something that has only become more difficult over the years. With more traffic on the road, the need to learn a variety of road and vehicle markings, from signage to chapter 8 chevrons like this it can feel like there is a lot to take on board even before you start the actual driving.

The location of your driving test also can make a big difference – in fact, there is a big difference in the pass rates between the test centre with the highest and test centre with the lowest pass rates.

Here are the test centres with the highest pass rates and those with the lowest too…

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Speke in Liverpool is officially the most difficult place in the UK to pass your driving test, with a pass rate of a mere 29%. This is followed by Erith in London and Wolverhampton in the Midlands with pass rates of 34.5% and 35.3% respectively.

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This is in contrast to the test centres with the highest pass rate in the UK – Kendal test centre is the one with the highest, with a pass rate of 68.3%, and Barrow in Furness and Chichester follow up with pass rates of 64.8% and 64.7% respectively.

So, the place where you take your driving test clearly does matter, and there is a good reason for this. The more urban areas will have a much more challenging test route, with busier roads and more hazards to contend with than the rural locations.

In urban areas, there will often be more challenging road systems and different types of signage that you might not experience in the more rural locations.

As tempting as it might be to book your test in a centre where the pass rate is higher, this is not necessarily the best idea. For a start, it will be an area that you are not likely to be as familiar with, as your instructor will familiarise you with the test route around your local centre.

There is also the fact that if you live somewhere that is built up, then you are still going to have the challenge of driving around the area if you have passed your test at a rural test centre. This might mean that you are not as confident driving around your area and also could result in you having an accident.