Many of us have made our health and beauty New Year’s resolutions, so this month is all about finding the best beauty secrets to improve our skin for 2016. There are a number of procedures and tricks to look out for this year as people seek out non-invasive treatments that give effective results. Read on to discover the best beauty secrets that can make a real difference to your appearance in 2016.

Four hot beauty secrets for 2016

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Chemical peels

2016 is all about the chemical peel. This beauty trend has been around for a few years; however, peels are set to take off in a big way this year. A careful chemical face peel can turn back the clock and remove years from your face by firming the skin, reducing fine lines and removing blemishes. The chemical solution removes the fine upper layer of skin from the face, leaving a rejuvenated complexion. The depth of the peel can be altered depending on the level of exfoliation required.


Microdermabrasion buffs the skin by using a small machine to exfoliate, leaving you with a healthy, glowing complexion. The treatment removes the upper skin cells with exfoliating crystals and the results include smoother, plumper skin and a more even complexion. This treatment is another set to take off in 2016 as people look for effective options without invasive treatments.


Dermarolling, a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment, is where a roller covered in fine needles is passed over the skin. Tiny pin prick holes are created in the skin and the idea is that the body produces more collagen to repair the damage. The skin can absorb oils and serums well after a dermaroller treatment, which means it is a good time to apply vitamin E oil and other topical treatments for maximum results. Dermarollers are particularly effective for improving acne scarring, fine lines, sun-damaged skin and stretch marks, and the treatment is available at beauty clinics such as

Laser rejuvenation

Another hot beauty tip for 2016 is laser rejuvenation, which offers a minimally-invasive way of treating pigmentation, fine lines, acne scars, mottling and other skin problems. A thermal energy beam is directed onto the skin, which encourages the skin to naturally repair itself. Although this is a little more invasive than the other treatments that are set to be hot in 2016, the results are stronger in many cases.