Winter can play havoc with even the most resilient skin types. Indoor heating and extreme outdoor cold can cause damage to our skin cells and rob our faces of moisture. There’s no real way to avoid the changing of the seasons, but there is plenty we can do to offset the damage.

Skin Young and Beautiful in Winter

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1. Preserve Natural Oils

Winter is the time to take care of your skin. Wash your face in luke-warm water, and stay away from harsh clarifiers. Look for milder face washes, and pat dry after rinsing thoroughly. Moisturise immediately afterwards.

2. Don’t Forget the Sun Block

Many of us forget that we need to continue to protect our skin from harmful rays during the winter. Bright blue winter skies are beautiful, but remember that they are full of UVA and UVB rays too.

3. Drink Up

Just because it’s not warm, it doesn’t mean you should stop drinking your two litres a day of water. In winter, and especially around Christmas time, our alcohol consumption tends to rise, creating a vicious dehydration circle. Keep a bottle of water handy and sip often.

4. Talk to Your Skincare Clinic

There is a range of perfect winter treatments out there, such as the Obagi skin care in London, ideal for winter rejuvenation and protection. You can find out more here

5. Choose a Better Moisturiser

Many over-the-counter moisturisers are sold based on their texture and scent. For a truly effective winter moisturiser, talk to your provider of Obagi skin care in London to find a good oil-based protective moisturiser with nourishing ingredients.

6. Invest in a Humidifier

In the dead of winter, our homes and offices become fortresses against the weather. We routinely keep the room temperature too high and the windows closed. This leads to low humidity and dry, flaky skin.

7.  Look for a Beautiful Scarf

It’s no joke! A simple attractive scarf can make all the difference. Whether you’re out shopping in the city or off on a countryside stroll, a good silk scarf can really protect your face against the extremes of cold winds and the sun.

Ultimately, winter is a time to pamper yourself, and your face should not be excluded. Take the time the long winter nights provide to treat your skin right.