There are specific reasons why pimples appear in some areas of the face, which is why traditional Chinese medicine calls the face “window to health”. Front, eyebrows, chin, nose, cheeks, all these body parts indicate what It is happening inside our body.

Let’s look closely at what “natural areas”, reveal the health of our body:

1. Front High

The crown position is directly related to the digestive system: the large intestine and bladder. When you have a poorly functioning digestion, the body will have problems to “break down” the food and this can create a large amount of toxins.


*Try to eat more foods rich in antioxidants or consume beverages like green tea, water, lemon and berries.

2.  Front Lower

According to Chinese medicine, this is associated with the mind and spirit. If you see pimples appear in this part of the face, the reasons may be different: irregular sleep, stress, depression, poor blood circulation, etc.

*Try to sleep early; it would be ideal before 23:00. Find ways to relax your mind. Maybe take a long hot bath, watch your favorite movie, can help in the mission.

3. Nose

The nose reflects the heart. Pimples on the nose are caused by blood pressure and stress. Again you will need to find time to relax.

4. Eyebrows

The window for the liver is located between the eyebrows. Acne in this area can be caused by a fatty diet or excessive consumption of alcohol.

5. Orecchie

As you highlight painful pimples on the ears, we do not take enough care of our kidneys. Kidney problems are often caused by low intake of water or too much salt and caffeine.

*Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, reducing the sodium and caffeine and cleanse the kidneys to get rid of stubborn pimples.

6. Right Cheek

Pimples on the right cheek may be caused by smoking, stress or from respiratory allergies.

*Taking care of the respiratory system.

7. Left Cheek

The presence of acne on his left cheek is a signal of the liver and may denote that our body is not able to properly absorb the nutrients.

*The liver is strongest between the hours of 1-3 AM (during which you should sleep) and weakest between the hours of 1-5 PM (in which time slot is not recommended perform strenuous activities).

8. Mouth and center of Chin

As mouth area and the center of the chin are related to the stomach and the small intestine. Pimples in these parts of the face may be caused by eating too much fast food or constipation.

*Try to eat more fresh foods with high fiber such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

9. The sides of the chin

Chin the sides are connected to the reproductive organs and kidneys. A pimple in this area of the face is often associated with the menstrual cycle, certain levels of hormone imbalance, kidney or working too extreme amounts stress.

So we say RELAX!

We want to remind you that beauty is not just a matter of perfect skin. You have to take care of your skin and the health of your body from the inside, like the care given to appearance.