It is synonymous back to the routine, end of summer and, of course, new purposes. Surely you have not been able to avoid slightly relax and leave your diet, replacing your usual vegetable dish for the rich or those caps burger bar.

If we add that we have passed from the gym to be lying on the beach for hours, calories have added a few kilos on the scale. So if your goal is to lose weight again, today we are going to offer a few exercises to do without leaving home, you want to know the benefits of doing gymnastics in your home?Recover your figure without leaving home

  1. It is suitable for women who have no time even to go to the gym, so now you will not have to be perfect excuse 365 days a year.
  2. It is economical; you will save big money per month that will pull in a gym not that sure at the end faults half of the year.
  3. You can get your own hours, as it may not have a center in the front door and miss some time alone go to him.

What if you have a great discipline because obviously doing sports at home, surrounded by television; sofa and refrigerator can lead to many temptations, so you must be very consistent and, of course, have ample space not to break anything.

If we want to be fit out two types of exercise you have to carry. On the one hand, aerobic exercise, rather more complicated to make at home. As a solution we can run statically, use static type devices or go jogging on the street bike.

Then we must do muscle toning exercises, you can practice without problem in a room.

Obviously, the more time you devote to these exercises, the faster we will have results, but what matters above all is consistency. To start seeing results we can start with a daily hour of exercise three times a week and then increase to five days.

Experts recommend starting with 10 intense minutes of aerobic exercise as a warm up (jogging, exercise bike …) and then move to the muscle toning exercises such as:

  • Squats (3 sets of 10 repetitions): This exercise is performed standing. Put your legs slightly apart and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Abdominals (2 sets of 20 repetitions): We all know do crunches but sometimes make mistakes in their execution so you should consider the following tips to not hurt:
  • Back: always stay straight to avoid injury.
  • If you work the oblique or transverse abdominals, never stop “fall” back into the ground.
  • Arm lateral raises (3 sets of 15 repetitions): this exercise is to keep straight and raise both arms at once with weight on your hands. Ideally you count dumbbell, but we can always make our tools more home gym. For example, you can use a full water bottle, or some people want more weight and prefer land fill bottles, everything depends on the strength you have and the effort you want to subject your body. This exercise is very useful for work that “chicha” so unsightly hanging arms.

Also, do not forget to end each workout with some stretching to avoid injury and, above all, to relax.

You must remember that for all this to be effective especially you have to be very consistent, accompany the exercise with a healthy diet, abandoning bad habits summer and soon begin to see results. If you wish you can complement these activities as all slimming capsules, which, if overweight, you help boost weight loss by 50% more.

So with all these tips weight loss it is much simpler and above without leaving home.