Today the world economy is growing, but growing economy that does not reach all countries, so many families, especially in American countries are experiencing financial problems due to poor money management by the government; but this problem can be reduced if you have a good financial planning, for that I include that follow these tips below:

Make a list of your dreams, their various life goals, and constantly display them for your financial planning makes sense. Include topics such as education for their children, the house you want to buy, the standard of living you want to have when you retire…

FinanceKeep a detailed daily log of all your income and expenses. This will take a month to know exactly what has been spent, identifying their preferences and consumption patterns.

Determine, considering their life goals, income and expenses, your ability to save. This way, you’ll discover how much you need to save you some time to achieve each of your goals.

Making any financial decision should be based on a simple method that allows the individual to analyze sensibly intended to cover the needs, determine the best option to achieve your goal and define the scope thereof in the management of their finances.

Importantly, anxiety should not change their initial plan, for investment, although the strategy does not give you satisfaction every year in the long run you will get positive results. The worst thing that can make an investor who does not have the ability to follow the markets professionally is to try to take short-term decisions, guided by inertia in the market.

We must determine how much money we need to meet our common needs and other extraordinary that arise. These sums will call and working capital must be equal to the costs we face in the next six months.

Knowledge of our tax appointments is relevant not only in determining our working capital, but adjusted to take timely decisions that help us reduce, within the legal possibilities, the payment of taxes.

Statistics tells us that for long periods of investment in equities have secured positive returns. The risk decreases over time, flattening and stabilizing both the annual expected return and risk of maximum annual loss.

The diversification of the assets of its portfolio will allow reducing the risk of your investments while maintaining the expected return.

It is important that you know that there may be a large variation in fees and basic conditions of the product that can do more or less interesting. Pay attention to the products that entities that operate on- line, as they usually have lower costs and a more comfortable and faster operational service offering.

Protect your assets. Hire the insurance you need to protect the various risks to which its assets are exposed: home insurance, life…

Make a will, to save them having headaches for your loved ones in the unfortunate case that you miss.

Financial planning is an ongoing process that feeds on itself over time. All stages of life require planning or revision of an already made, as long as preferences, goals and financial needs rethinking, evolve and change.