There is one thing that virtually everyone associated with Google, beyond the benefits of their products: Google is a great place to work. The statement is part of popular culture virtually, thanks to the signings of the firm and its human resources policies but also thanks to the design of their offices, consumers have been repeated countless times in articles and other informative pieces.

Google offices – whatever all that the firm has worldwide – are a regular on lists of cool shocking offices or offices that occasionally publish media.

The reasons are clear: at least that every Google office has, according to all the images we have seen repeated again and again, is a slide. the usual games room, relaxation room (with nap space and chairs to rest) and different eccentricities existing in different countries are then added, from trees growing inside the offices, tractors parked in a third floor to an Irish pub with more charm than the classic corporate dining.

How a cool office can help magnify the image of the brand itselfGoogle offices, and ultimately eyes of citizens, ‘molan’ and the company has covered its design with a new section. Because although many companies think that furnish the office or simply decorating is something as simple as a trip to the nearest Ikea, the fact is that the offices are just another part of the brand image. When do branding, the workplace is as important as the colors chosen for the corporate identity of the brand or the final design of the logo that will use the firm.

Both the colors and the logo, which appear in all those places that takes the first impact (from the front office to the cards that are dealt with customers and partners), such as office design help create a first impression of the brand. An office is one more part of the brand image and keep one or another characteristic will have an effect on the values that are partnering to it.

The design office has, in fact, many associated values and can help consolidate those brand values the company wants to emphasize specially.For example, breakers spaces and different places help when sold as a creative and innovative company or using a more glamorous and chic decor helps position a brand as stylish and fashionable.

An office that fits the values that the brand stands in other areas serves to demonstrate that he knows what he’s doing. Not only to remind the employee the way that the company wants to continue but also enables impress investors and customers, as well as any other element of corporate communication, selling what is being done.

Offices are not just tables and chairs, computers connected to the internet and coffee vending machines: they are also one of the mainstays of corporate culture. The cool offices are ultimately brand ambassadors.

Always forgotten

However, the role that have offices in the creation of the brand image is one of the most frequently overlooked when it comes to branding. Only 50% of companies, according to a study that collects OfficeSnapshots , has created an office to encourage similar behavior to the values of the brand. That is, only one out of two satellite encourages corporate identity design office, even though the ROI of investing in design offices has been more or less established. Carefully design offices not only keep up the morale of their employees or make it easier to get attracting talent, but also make their customers happier.

In the other half you get it, the workspace can even become an evangelist of their products and trends that wants to promote the brand. It is what happens, for example, with telecommunications companies that want to boost wireless communication and mobility. Their offices have begun to incorporate hot spots (sits on it who wants) and eliminate fixed sites. In its own headquarters they are selling their own product.