Surely prior to administering a social networking profile planning you wondered: What am I going to say? Include content that is of value is a much more difficult challenge to produce them. Enter social networks is easy, but econtrar topics of conversation indicated that generate reactions is hard work. Create a message that must be distributed virally glory.

You see everything here, as profiles abusing fads to attract attention and stay “in taste” of your audience, or abusing the comic element loses his way, or those who want to sell everything as place, no matter who I am or what I want. motivated by not having clear to say that sacrifice brand identity for fear of not having “likes” examples.

I think we should let our culture speak. And I do not mean just a set of acquired knowledge, but the compound of habits, beliefs and values that define an organization.

The first promoters of a brand message should be their own employeesI put an example: The US company Zappos. They sell shoes, clothes and accessories online. It is likely that you wonder Zappos What makes it so special? This shop may not provide unique on the market, and it is likely that the price is very similar to find in any other department store. What makes the difference is that they are obsessed with their culture which is summarized in the following: Bringing happiness to its customers, employees and suppliers.

An interesting fact I found about them is that employee performance is measured primarily by the affinity they have with the values of the organization and not necessarily on their results. That is, let’s say you hire a good seller, but if he does not live according to the culture of the company, its future in the company will be committed. In 2009, Zappos was adiquirida by Amazon in a transaction of 880 million dollars in an unusual purchase, since one of the conditions for the deal was that transcend culture of Zappos remaining intact.

No an organizational culture that apply to all companies, as they are very done particular elements that make up the DNA of an organization and distinguish.

I share some of my findings of this analysis

Ten present and clear the elements that make up the culture of your organization.

We can not communicate a clear message out of our organization if we are not able to do it inward. We must find ways to make it known to all and understand it. Whether from a classic board, in group sessions or even a SMS, but everyone knows what is the true essence of the company. You know the mission of your organization?

It involves the entire organization

I have seen companies that want to dabble in social networks, but do not allow their employees to access them in their work schedules. I recognize it is a thorny issue mostly related to productivity and time management.Deserves more than one item to study the issue and propose solutions, but we must start opening the conversation to find out, little by little, how to integrate these tools the day.

In my opinion, the first promoters of the message of an organization in Social Networks employees should be the same. They live every day and first-hand experience of being part of a company that is consistent with their values. Today it is no longer enough just to say or have in cute frames the concepts that make up the organizational culture. Today we must live them. The testimony of the employees is a clear, natural and credible way to convey the message of the organization.

Social networks are not above a communication master plan

With this statement it is likely to make me some enemies, but the reality is that social networks are not a distant element or section of teacher organizational communication plan, but on the contrary, we as promoters, we must find a way to make sense and value to these tools in the differences areas of the company.

Let your culture talk

We have before us the opportunity to love our audience showing the true personality of the brand we represent through a variety of channels that offer us social networks. We do not waste it. Bring our fans the fact that, in an experience that undoubtedly will make them return to taste, and better yet, to commend.