What is the importance of correctly naming the website of your company? Customers simply recognize you.

In today’s world, it is impossible to think of a business that has no presence on the network. Whether you have a professional service or sell a product, the information in your company must live in a page that has a domain that allows it to be located more easily by customers.

Generally speaking, a domain is a name that can be alphanumeric and usually is linked to a physical address which is usually a computer or electronic device.

They are often use to represent addresses web pages, as internet is based on IP (Internet Protocol), i.e. numbers connecting each computer that is connected to the Internet.

choose your domainThe name of the organization (webgdl), and the type of organization (com): A domain consists mainly of two parts with respect to the types of organizations; the most common are .COM, .NET and .ORG, referring to commercial, network and organizations.

How domains work

The IP address of a web page is (109187145136), but that number connection, being so complex and lengthy is simplify through the choice: A good example to explain how they work domains is company name, and this is linked to the IP address of the web server on which the website is stored. Therefore, those customers only write in their browser, for example: www.example.com and domain forwards the IP; this connects to the Web server responds by sending the web page in question, all this in a split second.

Another practical example is how a cell phone, usually because the numbers of our friends, only their names in the directory are selected, and the phone recognizes what number to dial and secondly is connected to the selected contact are not written.

What is the benefit for the company

Internet addresses can have two main characteristics: be much safer and possibly infallible fraud such as phishing, but can also be much more expensive than today.

Choosing a good domain can be very useful for positioning a company.

10 Tips to properly choose your domain

  1. Make it easy to write
  2. Keep it short
  3. It should be easy to remember
  4. It should contain the keyword
  5. It must be relevant, that is, having to do with the activity in which the organization works
  6. Avoid hyphens and low; the numbers; and words with complex spelling
  7. Must register immediately be clear, to prevent someone else “steal”
  8. .com Select the first choice, as it is much easier to remember
  9. If possible, record all options: .com, .net, .org
  10. Be very aware of the expiration date to avoid losing it

The value of a domain

The name of an organization is considering an asset, once the name of a company registered on the Internet, is unique and no one in the world can have. In addition, whenever visitors are attracted to a website, you are increasing the value of the domain.

The added value given, the company faces, as it holds its domain, suggests both employees and customers, the importance of being present on the web is clear and solidity, reputation and prestige.

The very fact that employees have e-mail addresses with corporate domain, provides an invaluable serious compared to those who continue to e-mail addresses of a generic supplier.

Register a corporate domain is an investment worth making.