One of the reasons why e-commerce is growing rapidly, is the evolution in security enjoyed by consumers in their purchases online. This increase is reflected in the confidence of users who choose the Internet as one of its main shopping channels.

The three forms of payment most requested by users to purchase products online are using credit card, Pay pal or bank transfer system. When buying online with a credit card, both validation and the effective realization of the payment are made using the same system as in a conventional trade. That is why many users prefer this system. Once the card number reaches the seller, it sends it off the Internet in the same way that when paying by any ‘physical’ store. Therefore, the critical point occurs when you send the card number via a public network and is causing insecurity in the client.

More and more users rely on the network to make payments and make purchasesPayPal is a free account linked to our checking account. That is, when we open a PayPal account will be given the number of credit card and they guarantee us the complete safety of our personal and financial data. Thus, if we buy in a store with PayPal system we must not enter our card or our account number, but of PayPal. The data do not travel over the network and no fees are charged for making payments. But to recharge this account is done through an electronic transfer, add funds from a credit card or debit card or make a traditional bank transfer.

To ensure confidentiality in data transfer in Internet security protocol, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which accept the vast majority of browsers used. This system ensures the identity of the seller guarantees the integrity of the message and encrypts data, ensuring that if someone intercepts the communication cannot interpret.

Banks, before the distrust aroused in some customers enter their bank details online, they have created wallet card calls. They are cards that allow payment of small amounts of money or upload them to the extent that the holder has previously deposited in the current account to which they are associated. Exhausted amount can be recharged using the same procedure. This allows operating the electronic chip that incorporates the card. Wallet cards in the market as Visa. These cards are ideal, especially for small payments.

For those zealous buyers of their personal data, yet many stores offer to pay by bank transfer. This is the more traditional means of payment and therefore gives more security to consumers.

Due to the growing supply of shops that are installed on the Internet, e-commerce platforms choose to give the maximum opportunity to its customers to make payments in the most convenient way possible.

Another advantage of the portal is that the payment is made directly to the account of the bidder. By having the opportunity of a direct connection to your online store by bank transfer or by payment through your Paypal account intermediaries are removed.