As website design trends change, it is a challenge for any company to keep its site looking up to date. A website design company will ensure your site is polished and current, but if you are wondering what website trends we can expect for 2016, here are a few predictions.

web design in 2016

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Unique experiences

The rise of mobile technology has increased the need for more responsive web design, yet at the same time this has created the effect of many websites looking similar. To get away from this ubiquitous trend, in 2016 and beyond there will be more emphasis on creating unique user experiences on websites. This could include the use of storytelling or incorporation of hand-drawn illustrations or artwork.


Visual content adds appeal to a website, but if you want something with more depth than a static image but don’t want to gobble up bandwidth by using videos, cinemagraphs strike a very happy medium. Moving pictures, or cinemagraphs, are likely to be a hot trend over the coming year.

Semi-flat design

Flat design has been a favourite style for a while, but semi-flat design is starting to emerge as a new trend. This adds depth, movement, dimension and shadow effects to design, whilst eliminating some of the problematic aspects associated with pure flat design.

Emphasis on typography

In order to stand out from the crowd, websites will need to make sure they make the best use of typography possible, and this will become a more pertinent issue over the coming period. Using typography to its best effect is a skilled activity, so make use of a website design company, such as, to ensure your website’s typography is bang on trend.

Vibrant colours

In recent times there has been a popular preference for colours used on apps and websites that may be regarded as ‘safe’. In order to strike out and be more original, web designers will be looking to make use of more vibrant colours over the following months. Experts even argue that bold colour choices may also hint at a neon or fluorescent quality.

It is worth bearing in mind that you do not need to incorporate all of the latest trends into your website simply because they are currently fashionable. The main consideration is ensuring that whatever design elements you choose for your website work well and reflect your brand image.