The return to school approaches, and students begin to worry about spending school and similar materials that awaits them. Contrary to what one might think, these young people are increasingly conscious about the need to optimize your budget, and argued decisions purchase.

According to the study of Fluent, students also make their own purchases for the coming school year. To do so, word of mouth is above any other advertising or information about the brand.

Students resort to word of mouth when equipped for back to schoolSpecifically, the study indicates that the recommendations by their friends, face to face, will be the main source of influence for students this year, in the process equipment for back to school, according to 94% of the respondent.

Meanwhile, the coupons will have a significant weight when the balance between decant product or other (92%); while 84% will opt for mobile coupons.

Generally speaking, word of mouth traditional, continues to succeed when it comes to reliable information, at the time of purchase (83%). Include the growing power of recommendations through social networks, which will dent between 82% of respondents.

The study shows how the rest of the media for information about products, as could be the traditional channels and mass media, whether offline or online, appear in the background for these students. Thus, 70% takes into account the brand advertising, 80% pay attention to the reviews that appear in blogs and specialized media, while just over half of respondents (58%) follow the recommendations in social image based platforms, as is the case of options.

Young people are increasingly aware of their responsibility to distribute your budget. The infographic highlighted that this year, 913 million young people go their own purchases. In their scale of priorities, the books listed first, followed by transport. Then they placed the clothes and school supplies. To meet these expenses, these students will invest their earned income by working during the summer, while the allocation of the family will also be a basic resource, along with loans or because for studies.

As can be seen, the generation of students, consumers in the future, and show signs of being responsible in their decision-making and budget optimization. In carrying out the search for information and decision making, the increasing importance of word of mouth recommendations over other sources of information it is confirmed.