The growth of spending on advertising and electronic computer industry will be slow, but it will not cease in the coming years. It is expected that revenues this year on ads from this industry in the United States exceeds 3 billion [USA] and 2017 has reached 4.66 billion dollars. Its main shelter is being video marketing, advertising on social networks and mobile ads.

So says the report “The US Computing Products and Consumer Electronics Industry 2013”. Although revenues from this sector are growing more slowly than average, the most powerful advertisers in the industry are focusing their marketing efforts on campaigns large budgets for their most successful products, read, tablets, smartphones and other smart devices.

Technology brands refuge in social media and video campaigns and mobile57% of ad spending this year will go direct response formats, such as emails, SMS, or directories and classified ads; while the remaining 43% will be reserved for actions relating to branding and generating brand awareness.

Companies in the computer industry are seeking to position itself as references and leaders of their respective seeking the protection of targeted advertising on mobile, video and social networking markets. Thus, in recent years, mobile advertising computer and technology products has soared significantly and has experienced a brutal global growth. According to Millennial Media, in 2012, the industry invested 259% and the sector was responsible for 3% of the campaigns conducted on its platform last year.

The same is happening in the video. Many technology firms are launching success with ads that have become viral on social networks. Figures from the firm Unruly Media said that 17.8% of social videos were shared on its platform in the second quarter of this year was for the computer industry, slightly above 17% in the first four months of the year. This puts them above the retail (8.7%) but still far from the entertainment industry that is leading this area (33.1%).

All these budgetary efforts have helped companies build the video as the star of digital formats. 20% of its budget is spent on digital ads online and mobile video, according to industry experts. And, as it grows the power of segmentation and the repertoire of video formats, the percentage tends to grow too.

The technology sector has also highlighted in recent months and years for its efforts in the field of social media. They have sought to develop real communities around their brands and products, aimed at the good majority to an audience that knows the online environment. In fact, manufacturers of technology and electronics are among the ten most followed companies in Facebook for US users (BrandSpark and Better Homes and Gardens).

To strengthen its position within social channels, they resort to ad campaigns on these platforms, to give more visibility to the content so carefully developed and avidly consume their audience.