All large successful companies in the world shared by many special characteristic in common a strong commitment to serve the customer. And though it seems obvious that drawer should go into the formula for building the success of your own business is not always the case. Customer service is a complex subject worthy of much training, implementation, patience, trial and error, suffering, frustration, culture, more trial and error to find the exact model that fits your own objectives.

And it is not easy to provide quality customer service for one reason: the best service is one that is personalized, genuine, natural product that is a clear view of the customer is the one who feeds us or said otherwise, it is who pays our salaries.

Customer service Ideal

Dave Gray

So today I share 10 customer service rules that you should print, share with your collaborators, to study thoroughly and implement them to make a difference in the perception of your customers and therefore in your pocket.

1. The customer experience in your business, transcends!

After visiting your company when that customer leaves an impression that will share with their friends, acquaintances and family it will be. Be positive, neutral or negative, the share and not just by word of mouth naturally, but also with hundreds of contacts they have in their social networks.

2. The customer service is all around

More than just the personalized service provides who serves you, customer service has to do with the environment within the business. It is made up of different elements that contribute to convey that your clients are in a nice place where you feel comfortable. The decor, the music, the presentation of your dependents and cleaning to name a few examples contribute to a great experience.

3. Trust is the basis of good service

The fundamental basis on which an excellent customer service builds trust . Your client needs to feel he is talking with reliable, committed, responsible people and will provide answers to your needs.

4. To serve is to step into the shoes of the customer

In order to open the way to your customer’s trust, empathy is needed. Empathy is the ability to put ourselves in their shoes and understand in depth their needs, motivations and reasons. No means that the customer is always right, but we should be able to understand why they behave as they do and make you feel the best way.

5. Customers love kindness

If something conquer your customers it is the kindness of those who served him. We all love to be treated with care, smile and great hospitality. If you manage your employees to develop kindness naturally, then you have gold in your hands. In fact, the spread kindness and your employees will be so kind to customers like you’re with them.

6. Troubleshooting can make you a millionaire

If you fundamentals your business and your customer service culture on a vision able to solve and resolve the problems of your customers then you will grow and nothing can stop you. The main feature of large companies is their ability to provide solutions and innovative practices to their customers.

7. Every customer is different

If you understand that each person is different, who think differently, who has unique needs and that each head is a world. It will be easier to implement good customer service program because you will break with the paradigm of your clients want to thank all valued equally and your efforts. Not all customers are equal and therefore should be treated individually, that adds value to your service.

8. The live service should not act

Body language is the ultimate expression in the moment of truth with your client. A nice and sincere smile, a gentle voice tone, body posture, gaze and gestures in general can convey a powerful message: “You’re welcome and I am pleased to serve” or else a message of “I’m sick of do this but I have to pretend to want to serve willingly. ” And the customer inevitably be perceived earlier than you realize.

9. Speed ​​conquering

Among all we’ve mentioned, your customers will love the speed. Nobody likes to wait Or you. Serves quick phone, do not expect your customers. Improving service times, delivery, preparation of your products. Streamline your processes are getting better. And if yet still have to make you wait, let him know clearly: “Lord, your order will take slightly longer than normal, maybe about 3 or 4 minutes, they would not mind waiting or prefer to order something else .. .? “.

10. Complaints are opportunities

Breaks this paradigm today. Complaints should not be a hassle. They should be an opportunity to improve. If your customer files a complaint, thank him, and has the best attitude in its complaint an opportunity to improve your processes. It will not be easy, but it’s even harder if you shut yourself off to a complaint. Moreover, you may lose some customers, but your business will avoid falling into the mud of the failure of a bad reputation.