A true entrepreneur is a person restless, generating ideas, dreamy and able to do crazy things for the sake of pursuing his greatest dream to have their own business.

Personally it is spending long hours at night imagining endless possibilities and wake up the desire and enthusiasm to believe that we can achieve.

BusinessEverything that’s wonderful and that motivation is what we call “fuel” to undertake, however, in practice it happens that to take your business to achieve success, you need more than just motivation. You need to prepare appropriately made to perform some of the most important and common activities of the enterprise.

Some time ago we spoke of eight characteristics that should be an entrepreneur before starting your business and they have to do with attitude and character required to lead all activities that represents the assembly of a business.

Today I will emphasize some important aspects related to the development of fundamental knowledge and skills to take your business to success desired:

1. Learn to Sell

One of the skills that I think can make the difference between a company that grows and one not, unequivocally is the ability to know how to sell. I have mentioned before and I stand, all major companies in the world are led by presidents or directors who know how to sell.

And, you can be the best at what you do, you can have a great product or have all the conditions to take on the world, but if you can not sell and do not transmit to your staff the importance and the need to know how to sell, hardly you will achieve the desired results.

What to do? My recommendation is to take a professional sales course and gradually, according to how your financial resources permit, capacities your entire sales staff and topics so you get to build a culture in your organization where everyone sells. Yes!! and what you hear. The vision of all companies should be to enable all for them to be able to grasp and turn a prospect into a customer to buy you. It is possible, but an open and bold vision is required to do so.

2. Learn Another Language

We are in the era of social networking, information and competitive demands are far beyond our doors. Today your competition may be an online retailer based in China or in Miami. Your market may also be beyond your window. Today you can expand and attract potential customers globally but for this you need to train you and start building a more aggressive company.

I consider another of the capabilities that should tell you a entrepreneurs is to learn another language. It is well known that the most spoken language in the world is English, obviously assuming that if you’re reading this blog is because you speak Castilian. There are many people wanting to learn Mandarin for example because they see in the future medium the possibility of doing business with Asia.

Actually the second language or third language you learn is about your own business vision and where expanded want in the future. Think your website can be read in other languages ​​or your business documents can also be sent in English or French, is an added value that you need to develop.

3. Learn About Internet

It is said with some sarcasm that modern illiteracy is not knowing and not knowing English Internet. And if we see the positive side, this expression continues to be a challenge for any entrepreneur who yearns to build a successful business that grows and develops. The Internet is vast and every day there are new things that surprise us so there is always something new to learn.

If you do not know much about the Internet or have been afraid to use it, this is the time. You must take a basic course and break the fear of learning. Become an expert on different tools, learn about social networks, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn. Learn how to create a blog and use it as a powerful tool to position your knowledge.

Get trained on electronic commerce, on how to sell over the Internet and modern means of payment. All this will help you expand your vision and find the enormous amount of possibilities opened up by the web.

So there are many things that an entrepreneur must know and develop, these are just some of the most important that we should consider to form the profile of the successful entrepreneur you want to be. Ready for action?