Restaurant pager systems have become a popular tool used by many restaurants. In this post, we’ll tell you why every single eatery could benefit from introducing a pager system.

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How do restaurant pagers work?

Restaurant pager systems can come in all shapes and sizes but are generally a small box which flashes or buzzes to let a customer know their food or table is ready.

They’re handed out by counter staff after an order is placed, or used to tell customers when a table is free. They’re great for takeaway restaurants too because they allow customers to take a stroll while their meal is being prepared, freeing up space in your waiting area.

What are the benefits of restaurant pager systems?

Restaurant pager systems, such as the examples seen at, have lots of benefits:

1. Increased efficiency

Industry magazine The Caterer recently reported that there are over 100,000 vacancies in the hospitality industry, significantly more than pre-Covid levels. Restaurant pagers are an effective way to remedy a staff shortage, as customers will be automatically notified when their food or table is ready.

2. Reduced food waiting time

A pager system is a great way to avoid food going cold due to rushed service staff. Customers will be alerted instantly when their food is ready and can collect it themselves while it’s still piping hot. There’s no need to wait for a waiter, freeing staff up to complete other tasks.

3. More covers added

Reduced waiting times for food to arrive means that diners will spend less time at their table, freeing it up sooner for another cover. This means that you can serve more customers in the same amount of time.

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  1. Boosted service quality

    Finally, pager systems can really enhance your overall service. Shorter waiting times for tables and food mean that the customer experience is better which leads to happier diners, positive reviews, and more business coming your way!

    In summary, restaurant pager systems have lots of benefits and are an easy, low-cost way to improve your customer service.