Protection is necessary for everything in this world. Even the small seeds need protection and are have a protection of coating naturally. Engineers do the same thing with soft aluminum parts for protection. They give a hard-anodising coating and make them tough against wear and tear.

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What is hard anodising?

Hard anodizing is a procedure in which a hard coat of aluminum oxide is produced electrochemically. You can achieve the desired thickness in this procedure from only a few microns to 120 microns. The procedure does not require high temperatures or any other special conditions. For more information on Hard Anodising, visit a site like

Application of hard anodising:

It is one of the most popular finishing solutions and is widely used all over the world. This process produces a thick and hard layer on the parts which work as a strong protector against wear and tear. It is more efficient compared to Sulphuric acid process. The best thing about hard anodizing is that you have complete control over the thickness of the coating. You don’t need a high temperature for the hard anodising process. As a result, it does not affect the physique and design of the parts upon which coating being placed. It is safer and produces less pollution.

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  • Good control over the thickness
  • Low-temperature procedure
  • Causes pollution chances
  • Harder
  • Less prone to wear and tear
  • It is economic