You need a courier service that will be able to fulfil your delivery objectives, whether dealing with a rapid time constraint or simply an extra-large package. Read on to learn how to best choose the right courier for your needs.

Courier services are big business here in the UK, with figures showing that the UK market saw almost 4 billion parcels delivered by couriers in 2022. Yet with so many companies offering similar services, it can be tricky to know who to choose.

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Where are you sending your package?

The final destination of your package will have an impact on your choice of courier. For example, if you need a same day courier Milton Keynes, then you may be best served by a local operation. Meanwhile, if you need to ship to the USA, then you will need a courier with an international presence.

How fast can they deliver?

If time is of the essence, then it’s important to look at the delivery time frames offered by different couriers. Today, you can usually get an accurate overview of delivery times and a more precise delivery window, but don’t be afraid to ask the company for their average delivery times too. Specialist sites such as will be happy to share this information, helping you to make an informed decision.

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Do they handle parcels with care?

It may not be so important if your business deals with less fragile items, but for many, it’s useful to check out how careful the courier will be with parcels that could be susceptible to damage. As a general rule, you want your courier to treat your package with respect, as it will do your brand image no good if it arrives at the customer’s address in a shabby state.