Digital marketing has become absolutely imperative for all companies, and that has increased demand for specialized agencies in offline channels. But as popularize digital channels also increase customer demands on them, and the challenges of increased competition. In response, agencies are investing more money in technology (software solutions, but also hardware) and staff.

It is what is revealed in a new report Kentico that explores the current activity of those agencies and the tools and solutions they are proposing to their customers, and for which surveyed 300 managers of agencies from 10 different countries.

Most digital marketing agencies are increasing their investment in technologyAnd the first thing that stands out, as noted earlier, is the growth of these agencies, as 81% plan to hire more staff this year and 71% expect to spend more money on software, a percentage that grows even among the most profitable agencies, in which almost all have hire more employees and invest more money in software and hardware.

On the other hand, half of the agencies plan to outsource more work this year, and 44% change its content management system.

In addition, most respondents believe that all these changes will increase the efficiency of its work significantly.

As for the solutions businesses are seeking today in marketing agencies, include web development, analytics, email marketing, social networking and content: the main working areas of most agencies digital marketing, while other aspects such as loyalty programs, creating customer communities, remarketing or gamification are the least in demand by companies, and also less offered by agencies.

Likewise, customization and automation, remain a distant goal for many agencies, and on average, only 38% of agencies offer customization of digital marketing, and even fewer (31%) automated marketing, despite concepts become increasingly vogue in online marketing.

What are the main challenges agencies face?

On the other hand, although the majority of respondents (80%) believe that there are too many competitors in the market, that does not seem to be the main challenge that worries agencies.

And the main challenge is to deal with customers, and that 78% believe that companies that hire want to use the digital marketing, but do not really understand how it works, and as much thinks that these companies expect agencies to work much for very little money.

Other challenges are to have few customers (for 58% of respondents) or find quality professionals and experienced to perform the different tasks (for 51%). Delays and lack of profitability are other issues that take away the dream agencies.