Social networking has come to give a voice to ordinary citizens. This new empowerment has brought about a democratization of information. The so-called fourth estate is not only in the hands of the media, or marks but is widespread as never before. And all thanks to social networks.

Tools like Twitter allow users to act as transmitters of information, a possibility that not only used to publicize an event or event being witnesses, but also to convey their views, comments and suggestions.

The brand image is now more than ever at the mercy of its customersA fact that leads them to openly criticize a mark, considering aggrieved.Something that can change the image of a brand. So, something that began as a simple tweet of a dissatisfied customer can degenerate into a deep crisis of reputation. A spark that comes to light a fire that other users contribute to fuel, causing a loud and devastating fire.

And not only talk about messages, comments expressed textually, but also have the power of the image. Thanks to technological advances, customers have in their hands the ability to take a picture or record a video, in real time, spread it across the vast world online. Internet is a scenario that knows no borders and whose capacity to transmit information is truly amazing.

Thus, the image of the brands they no longer corresponds only to them, but now more than ever at the mercy of its customers. These reflect their perception of them in their actions on social networks. Whether publishing a photo with her latest outfit of clothes, sipping a glass of your favorite drink, premiering car or presuming that electronic device that just got home. Human beings are social by nature, and enjoyed sharing our everyday scenes on social platforms. Hence the success of Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Proof of this is the last change of Twitter, veering towards a more visual aesthetics, which displays the images that users share through their profiles on this social network.

All things considered, this social activity is a great advantage for brands.Each of these publications is an important source of data, in the form of tags, geolocation, and socio-demographic information. Big Data era has only just begun, and the possibilities are endless. Thanks to it, it is possible to know the target audience with a precision that any market research could achieve and detect market trends and identify influencers.

All this well orchestrated, can develop strategies to build confidence in the brand, designing actions to provide a personalized experience and, ultimately, win the favor of the target audience. Thus, social action reversed an attractive brand image in which trust and which to bet.