There are four main types of customer data to look out for:

  1. Identity data

This is the basic information you gather from customers that enables a business to identify that customer. This includes their name, address, contact numbers, age, birth date and gender, for example. More basic data might include their occupation and usernames for social media accounts. This information is essential as it helps to create an idea of the demographics a business wants to market to.

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  1. Interaction data

This is the data related to how your customers interact with your business across various channels. Instead of focusing on individual customers, interaction data focuses on the demographics. It includes website hits, rates of click-through, bounce rates, sales conversions and engagement on social media posts, for example. For advice from a Data Collection Company, contact a site like

  1. Behavioural data

This type of data is similar to interaction data but somewhat more defined. Behavioural data focuses on direct engagement with your business. This can include the history of purchases, checkout abandonment rates, subscription figures, order values, time spent on the website and mopping of customer’s routes around the website.

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  1. Attitudinal data

This last one is a little different. Attitudinal data consists of first-hand opinions from customers about your business, services, and products. As it’s based on attitudes, it can be tougher to process. It consists, not of numbers, but factors like reviews, survey responses, in-person engagement with customers and reviews that are word-of-mouth.