The customer loyalty is not bought with money. It is a feeling of belonging to the brand, which can not be maintained only based offers, it is necessary to provide something more.

The study of Epsilon and Wylei Research aims to find out what reasons lead customers to prefer one brand over the rest of your competition.

According to their findings, customers especially appreciate the quality of the product and are willing to continue buying products from that brand, even if they are more expensive (51%). The quality is listed as the first value for the favorable treatment of customers (55%). This is so to the extent that, in the absence of a product, half of the customers will look at another establishment, instead of staying with another competition.

What are the implications for customers loyaltyThis fidelity leads them to convey their satisfaction with the brand, and recommend it among their peers. Consequently, 41% of respondents transmits their positive experiences among family and friends.

Highly committed customers with brands are even able to forgive a mistake, and move on your part (40%). They understand that we all make mistakes, but the fact remains that they expect the brand will act accordingly.

The study, based on the views of 1,000 in the US indicates that consumers are considered loyal to 5 brands most, among which include financial services companies and supply.

Apart from product quality (55%), quality of service and customer care is an important value for the 37% of respondents. 34% appreciates the company staff knows him, and offered a special treatment, as a preferred customer.

Meanwhile, loyalty programs are not a very effective tool to retain customers (33%), but rather as stimuli to reinforce the repeat purchase; pretending to retain the customer base discounts and gifts.

Finally, note that customer treatment is essential to earn customer. The data show the high probability of loyalty to a positive experience. 2 out of 3 customers was willing to repeat the purchase action, if it was successful.