The era of content marketing as we have known it is ending. The will replace a new era of what we might call social marketing – effectively – to encompass traditional marketing content but go much further. All those who continue to practice the familiar and trite content marketing in order to position your product or service – and especially if they have to do with social media, communication and / or online marketing – will be face to face with the new reality of social marketing and stay – paradoxically -much sooner than they expect. Unless, of course, who can be mounted in the car on time.

Let’s be honest. It has been used and abused content marketing, especially by those who had no experience to cling or references of their work that cradle them and have consistently dedicated to position keywords in Google and highlight artificially above others more deserving but less knowledgeable about the secrets of SEO and the like.

Farewell to content marketing... Hello to social marketingThe process worked more or less as follows: a post he wrote on a topic that you wanted to develop a professional activity; said post is tune to come to the top of Google and other search engines; It is shared right and left in order to ‘I viralize’; and, in the worst case, self-placed one after achieving this result the band of ‘expert’ or ‘specialist’ with the only known merit of having reached the first page of Google. I am glad that this hollow formula of doing things – and, please, no one blame the excellent SEO professionals who have done more than their work – is about to come to an end.

I would not, however, be misunderstood. Good content must share and we can all learn a lot from them. But to generate good content – whether in a more traditional or multimedia format – you can never replace the real and proven experience with a client (what is known in marketing as ‘success stories’). In other words, it is not the same to talk about the benefits of networks and social media that have created a successful plan with them.

How sad that many have used and abused content marketing to ‘experiment’ with new customers when they had neither the knowledge nor the expertise necessary to carry out an online marketing plan (for instance) worth that name! Do we then miss the loss of prestige of our profession? How many community managers or agencies have nominated themselves for the sole merit of a poorly written content (by focusing on the specific case of the posts) but well positioned? Yeah, me, me also many examples come to mind. We have the peace of mind that have just become a endangered species.

And it is that Google has awakened from its slumber with their new algorithm. And that is good news for all who want this profession well.Google Hummingbird acts as a harbinger of a new era in which content marketing capella not serve or to obtain a bright position or as a champion of quality or merit of our work. Fortunately that the conversation will succeed only our customers, and even competitors generate followers around us and our brands in the process validating our work.

The new keyword is precisely socialize and expose our content (and much more than these!) To a conversation that will gradually distinguish the wheat from the chaff and filtering those professionals who really worthwhile than they should be gaining experience in instead of barricading trenches behind result ones content. The latter does not fit we certainly will go falling under its own weight. For the rest of us, it is time to act configuring our brands and our organizations and making a determined effort and post that put us on the starting grid of this new, promising and more equitable social marketing in which the contents will only one element in a much more realistic and inclusive range. We and our clients as well deserve it .