Colour doesn’t just look pretty but can also convey certain messages and even invoke emotion. Clever marketers use colour in a myriad of ways to create additional meaning in their adverts or branding. This concept can be applied to all manner of digital marketing, from your banner ads to your logo. From colour groups to picking colours with care, we delve into the world of colour.

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Colour Groups

Warm Colours – Colours in this category include orange, yellow, red, and pink. They invoke feelings of joy and happiness.

Cold Colours – Colours in this category include purple, blue, and green. Choosing ‘cold’ colours is not a bad thing as these colours can have a calming influence.

Neutral Colours – Some colours, such as brown, grey, white, and black, are considered neutral. They are perfect for pairing with any colour from the warm or cold groups.

Singular colours

All colours can carry individual meaning and symbolism too. These may be cultural, or even individual. For instance, red is a very powerful colour but means different things to different people and in different contexts. Red is often connected with passion and love, but also with violence and aggression. This means that it’s important for you to think about how a colour will relate to your brand before you use it.

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Choosing the right colours.

It might be worth consulting the professionals when it comes to choosing colours, especially for HTML banner ads. The team at, for instance, are experts at using colour in banner advertising.

Choosing the right colours in your digital marketing is a lot more important than many people realise. The wrong colour might send the wrong message and even evoke the wrong reaction. The right colour will help set the right tone for your branding.