The caring profession makes a huge difference to people’s lives. There are various pathways into social care, depending on your interests and skills, who you want to work with and your preferred location. Those interested in a caring role can take on a hands-on job or they can work in management or administration. Ancillary roles are also available and staff are also needed in kitchen or domestic roles. Locations also vary, from a nursing or care home to a hospice, a private home or an office.

Care work allows flexibility

A care worker can fit their job around the family with ease. As it operates around the clock, with clients requiring 24/7 care, staff can work in various shift patterns. They can opt to work full-time or part-time. This is a profession that enables staff to re-enter, as once they have the skills and training, they can take a career break or time out to look after the family, then resume their role.

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Every day is different in the industry

This role brings immense variety, from meeting new people to learning new skills. Every day will see the completion of different tasks and there will be diversity in the day-to-day schedule. A care worker will be able to adapt themselves to different situations while providing quality care experiences for service users.

A care worker makes a difference to someone’s life

A caring professional will work with different people throughout their career, for example, someone with a physical disability or a learning disability. Care workers will also look after those with dementia, or they can aid in the recovery of a person who has been involved in an accident. It is a very rewarding role and this is mainly why so many people pursue this route. According to the Evening Standard a care worker role is aimed at those who want to offer compassion.

The sector requires more people to fill jobs to meet the growing demand for social care services. There are various care jobs Cheltenham and elsewhere and those in the sector wishing

to take on a new role can connect with specialists such as

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Care workers enjoy job satisfaction

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you have helped someone or brightened up their day. Little surprise then that industry workers say this fulfilment is the reason they love their job.