A good reading habit begins only develop when at home has been known to awaken an interest in exceeding the enormous difficulties learning to read involves reading.

Knowing motivate

Because, effectively, learning to read is difficult and if a good motivation does not occurs the child will learn to read what the school will send no more, and you will not be eager to continue their efforts at home, especially when also watching television, for example, it requires virtually no work and is fun.

How to get Childs to read more

At home, therefore we have a very important and entertaining task. To start with, we start offering our young a good example. There is no doubt that children from an early age are read to their parents begun to get curious from small and this will end up closer to literature.

Therefore, we seek to promote the interests of our children sat down near them periodically while reading a book or simply the press of the day.

There is no doubt that, contemplate, more sooner or later end up wondering about what we read and that will be a good way to convey how amazing it can be read, the fantastic world that lies behind the books …

Read together

Count and read stories, it is also important that we habit to tell stories at home. It is logical that there are many parents, who feel especially unable to tell a story: “I have no grace, not stories, I have no imagination, and children are bored and do not ignore me, etc.” They are arguments that often target some parents.

In these cases, you can always resort to traditional books. These, though less spontaneous and flexible than invented, also help create that reading hobby so important in recent years.

Once we have accustomed to reading the newspaper story (before sleep for example) we can try to leave it in the most interesting chapter. Therefore, the next day not only did not cost them both leave the bed but will be looking forward to the magical moment of reading.

The example and teaching

Is also essential that at home “breathe a reader environment” to achieve this will be good to have books that smaller, which cannot read, they can look. Moreover, no matter which one you are, even a little broken.

We can explain and illustrate that when you learn to read you no longer need wait for some more want to tell a story and that the same book can be read as often as one want.

To lighten

Another aspect to consider it is the size of the texts. Although little has learned to read, the letters should be large this will help the child to gradually phase them memorizing. Therefore, when it comes time to learn to read in school, no doubt will do so with less difficulty than children who have not had any contact with the literature.

There is a good resource for not tire you with too folktales; buy books with other content such as songs, riddles and games that allow children entertain all together at home, a little bit each day.