Facebook has surprised us a few hours ago, announcing (for the first time) how many fake accounts and spam publications have been eliminated during the first quarter of 2018.

In an entry signed by Guy Rosen, vice president of product of Facebook, the company claims to have managed to block most accounts of this type a few minutes after being created.

Finishing false accounts and publications in record time

Currently, Facebook has 2,200 million active monthly users , which means that they have eliminated more than a quarter between the months of January and March.

In this entry point that the false accounts represent, approximately, between 3 and 4% of the total active users monthly.

They also wanted to make it clear that they are concerned with eliminating spam and inappropriate content on the platform, pointing out that they have eliminated 837 million publications during the first quarter of 2018.

They find and mark the publications before someone reports them.

They declare that 100% of these deleted publications were “found and marked” before someone reported them.

As for publications that do not comply with the platform’s policies, Facebook indicates that in this period they eliminated 21 million sexual or nude content publications .

They also report that they eliminated 3.5 million publications of violent content (again, 86% of them before someone reported them). Anyway, they recognize that their technology is not yet ready to end the “hate speech” , since they eliminated 2.5 million publications (“only” 38% was reported by their technology).

As we see, after all the scandal of advertising created with false accounts in the past US elections and what happened with Cambridge Analytica , Facebook seeks to demonstrate that they are very concerned with what kind of accounts exist and what content they publish.