Although we are generally beginning to get used to all of the great news of Facebook in terms of messaging are usually aimed at the Messenger application, from time to time some of these get to also get to the internal chat of your web version. The next option to arrive could be the group voice calls.

Facebook tests group voice calls in your web chat and removing insensitive adsAs confirmed by the social network to TechCrunch, are now performing one of their classic punctual tests with a small number of users. To the chosen ones will appear in their group chats the icon of the voice calls, so that they can make the calls instantly inviting the rest of participants.

Voice calls started coming to Facebook in 2013, but now seem to have taken a new lease. Last April the function of group calls began to reach Messenger with a limit of up to 50 people per conference, and now it finally seems that they will also come to the web to close the circle and present itself as a real alternative to Skype.

Also try blocking insensitive ads

On the other hand, as we have learned in Engadget, Facebook is also testing a new feature that allows you to hide advertisements that can hurt your feelings. The idea with this is to be aware of the personal tragedies that we may have had in our lives and that we do not get related announcements.

To give an example, this could prevent parents who have lost their child from receiving advertisements related to products for infants or toddlers, an unnecessary pain at the time of the big data. In fact, ads for parent products and alcoholic beverages are the first to be blocked by this new test system.

At the moment Facebook already allows to realize a basic configuration of the ads that we see and how we interact with them, and to leave well the punctual test with few users who are realizing, this new function would come to make this configuration more complete and sensible.