Facebook is working on a tool to hunt for shared videos on the social network that violate copyright. Just like YouTube does with Content ID, a system that contrasts videos uploaded to the platform with the huge database of files that content owners send, Facebook work on in their own way to identify offenders.

Facebook wants to end videos that violate copyright, in the style of YouTubeThis initiative comes in part thanks to the pressure exerted by the music industry on the social network led by Mark Zuckerberg. Apparently the record companies want Facebook to pay for music that is uploaded to their site and to remove any kind of videos sent by users containing copyrighted material.

Once Facebook’s system for identifying copyrighted content is up and running, the company would come to an agreement with music companies to license all the music available on the social network. According to reports in the Finantial Times the talks are beginning and an agreement should be reached before this spring.

It’s strange that Facebook has not been forced to take these steps before, the music industry is exceptionally known for complaining about everything the Internet has supposedly been doing for years to get the bread out of the mouth to musicians and how to sites Like YouTube and others do not adequately compensate the owners of the content .

Be that as it may, Facebook has certainly taken great advantage of the video on its platform, only in the last quarter reported revenues of more than 7000 million dollars and currently have no official deal with the music industry, the same to the That YouTube paid more than a billion dollars in 2016.