Sumida in the middle of the war against false news, Facebook has announced a series of measures, collected in the Facebook Journalism Project. These measures have been designed to ensure that there is a “healthy news ecosystem where journalism can prevail and thrive.”

Facebook will work with journalists to create a healthy news ecosystemAs part of the project, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg will offer the media access to tools to share their content on the social network, including RSS feeds and free analysis tools to see how it works.

Given that the plague of fake news led to the emergence of critics in which Facebook was accused of favoring Trump , it has its logic that want to work with the media to avoid losing more credibility . Since then they are working with news verification agencies to further monitor what appears in users’ feeds.

The measures that Facebook will adopt

The package of measures that has announced can be summarized in the following points:

  • Selection of related news appearing in users’ feeds. This will be done by presenting story packs to the most avid readers on the social network through the Instant Articles format.
  • Promote local and independent media. Since Facebook are “interested in exploring what we can build together with our partners to support local news and promote independent media.” This initiative is still in its early stages.
  • Subscriptions. The social network will begin to test the ability of the media to offer subscriptions to their services for their content directly through its platform. For now they will be free, but later they will be able to charge for them.
  • Live video ads. Facebook will also give the media the ability to place advertising on their live videos.
  • Best analytics. The media involved in the tests are being offered access to CrowdTangle, the traffic analysis platform that Facebook bought last year. For them, today they have announced that this tool becomes free.

These are the weapons with which the company of Mark Zuckerberg wants to be respected as a place to inquire. Although first Zuckerberg will have to clarify. He recently said that they are a means of communication, when he had already said that they were not vehemently in his visit to the Pope. When it is clear we will see what happens.