The latest scandal of the social network with Cambridge analytica reflects everything that is terribly wrong with Facebook . That company gained access to the data of more than 50 million Facebook users without their permission and without it being a data breach, but rather how Facebook is designed to work .

It is another many of the drops that seem to continue overflowing the glass of patience that users have. But while it is becoming a trend to leave Facebook , we are clear that for many people to erase their Facebook accounts completely and forever is not a real alternative, either because it is their communication tool with friends, family and colleagues, or by countless others. reasons What we can do is take some control and continue to use Facebook without allowing us to share our data with third parties .

How they explain in the EFF although it is possible to choose not to be part of the API of the platform that shares your data with third parties, the process is quite tedious and not everyone is going to take the time to carry it out. But, if you are interested in taking some control without having to leave Facebook , we explain the steps:

Completely disable the Facebook application platform

  • Log in to Facebook and then enter Applications
  • In the box that says ” Applications, websites and plugins click on Edit
  • In the pop-up message click on Deactivate platform

Keep in mind that once this is done, you will not be able to log in with Facebook anywhere else , or enjoy the integrations in other platforms, that is, nothing to log in to games with Facebook, or search for Facebook friends in other networks, etc. .

The data that you have already shared in the past with third-party applications before deactivating the platform will remain in the hands of those platforms and Facebook will throw the ball to them telling you to get in touch with third parties to eliminate that data.

Right, in that same configuration menu of applications you will also find all the third party apps to which you have given access to your Facebook account at some time.

If you click on View all you can eliminate access to each one, but you must do it individually, a horrible and tedious process if you have hundreds of connected sites and platforms, like the vast majority of users. There is no option to do it in batch.

A less drastic option

If you do not find it convenient and convenient for your daily use to deactivate the entire Facebook platform, you have a slightly less drastic option and from which you can choose the different types of information that other apps can take.

Click on Applications that other people use and you can choose between more than a dozen data in information that third parties can access and also take your profile. There are still things that are shared unless you deactivate the platform completely.

Just remember, this only prevents Facebook from sharing your data with others, the Zuckerberg company still has access to everything to benefit in many other ways. This is just an option for those who are not willing or do not want to get rid of Facebook completely.

For some, like Snowden, Facebook has become a surveillance company renamed as a social network , and while governments are still trying with little success to regulate the extent of the disasters of Mark Zuckerberg’s company that use our data as a bargaining chip, the users do not have many alternatives left.