Moustaches are wonderful things. The concept of Movember has given them a well-deserved renaissance and encouraged many more people to pursue the art of moustache cultivation outside the designated month and for reasons other than charity.

Five tips for growing an impressive moustache

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Growing the impressive moustache that has dominated your dreams and desires since you first began to get facial hair is more complicated than just avoiding your upper lip when you shave, however. If you want to grow a truly impressive moustache, there are five tips you need to know.

Shape it

For a start you will need to figure out just how much of your upper lip you want to avoid shaving, as shaping is essential for a good moustache. How wide do you want your moustache to be? Do you want the ends to be pointed or flat? Do you want it to curve around the edges of your mouth? These are all important questions.

Be patient

You won’t get the moustache you have dreamed of overnight, unless you have always dreamed of some scruffy stubble on your top lip. If you want to get to the point where you can be proud of your lip weasel, you will have to be patient and willing to endure a few days of not looking that great when it first starts growing.

Choose a length

Moustaches should not be left to grow and grow; instead, they should be carefully cultivated and regularly trimmed to keep them at your preferred length. For this, you will obviously need to work out what your preferred length is. Do you want it short and neat? Big and bushy? Long enough for styles such as the handlebar? Experimentation is probably in order before you commit to a decision.

Style it

Another aspect of moustache cultivation is the styling, and for this you will need moustache wax. You may want to view moustache wax products before you buy to get an idea of your choices. Wax can turn long moustaches into elaborate masterpieces and help keep shorter ones neat and tidy.


A truly great moustache is one that suits your face and that you love, and you might not know what kind this is until you try it. Experimenting with lengths, shapes and styles can help you to develop the best moustache your face can wear.