If you are soon going to be enjoying a fabulous winter getaway but you are not quite sure what items to pack in your suitcase, read on for some handy tips.

Five winter getaway must-haves

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A down jacket

If you are heading somewhere snowy and dramatic, such as the Swiss Alps, you will need a cosy down jacket to keep you looking stylish and feeling as warm as toast. Don’t forget to accessorise it with a woolly hat, a scarf and a pair of gloves to keep out the chill.

A decent moisturiser

Whether you are heading into the heat or the cold for your winter break, a good moisturiser is a must to ensure your skin does not dry out and stays looking dewy and holiday-snap gorgeous.

Sexy skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are a winter break fashion must-have, no matter where you are going, as they can be dressed up or down and are comfortable at the same time as being trendy. If you are currently in need of a pair, you can buy some gorgeous women’s skinny designer jeans from retailers such as www.cuba-clothing.com/.


Whether you need to shield your eyes from a blazing tropical sun or from the glare off the snow at your skiing resort, you will want to invest in a gorgeous pair of shades to keep your eyes protected. Sunglasses are definitely an essential accessory, as they are highly functional and go with anything from a bikini to a snowsuit!


Once you have picked your outfit for the day, there is no better way to set it off than with a gorgeous fragrance guaranteed to turn heads and leave you smelling like the proverbial bed of roses. These days there are so many fabulous scents to choose from, at a wide range of prices, that it will easy to choose something suitable for your winter retreat.

Now you have some tips to be getting on with; however, if you want more inspiration for planning your winter getaway wardrobe, be sure to check out Harper’s Bazaar’s useful guide.

Wherever you are jetting off to this winter, you are sure to have a fabulous time; after all, a relaxing and well-deserved getaway is the perfect way to beat the winter blues!