Knitting has seen a surge in popularity in recent years and you may be wondering whether to take up the hobby. You may also feel a little intimidated by what from the outside can seem like a complicated, almost magical process. Is knitting actually that difficult? Other than buying a knitting kit, what do you need to do if you want to start?

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Using your hands

Obviously, knitting involves using your hands, sometimes trying to coordinate hundreds of stitches for a single pattern. If you have problems with your fine motor skills, it could prove particularly challenging. With practice, however, your strength, coordination and muscle memory should improve.

Using your mind

Patterns can be complicated, and you need to be able to count your stitches, but many people also find knitting therapeutic. It can have an almost meditative effect, allowing you to relax and keep your mind active at the same time. Again, practice is key if you want it to be more calming than stressful.

Knitting different items

If you want to buy a knitting kit, then you can choose between a range of different options including hats, scarves, blankets and toys. Some of these items are smaller, and involve simpler stitches than others. Pick a knitting kit that is suitable for beginners and start with a more basic piece.

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Knitting as compared to other needlework

Other kinds of needlework, such as crocheting, are also popular hobbies. Crocheting may be simpler to begin with thanks to its hooked needle, but it should not take long for your knitting ability to catch up with your other needlework.

There are many aspects of knitting that are challenging, particularly if you struggle with focus or hand-eye coordination, but that does not mean they cannot be learnt. You just need patience and perseverance.