Hand-knitted items are known not only for their beauty and individuality but also for their higher price tag. When considering the number of lovingly and intricately cast stitches that each item is crafted from, we can start to understand why these items are well worth every penny.

A knitting hobby can successfully be turned into a profitable knitting business. There is a world of opportunity to sell your handmade goods at craft fairs, on various online platforms, on social media or through your very own website.

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Calculating Cost

Work out your hourly wage. If you knit full-time, what is the minimum amount you would need to earn in a month to live? For instance, if this is £1,000 per month, divide this by the number of hours per month that you intend to work. This will give you your hourly wage.

Calculate how many hours you need to work to complete each specific project.

Think about materials and overheads. This includes the cost of yarn, new needles and equipment, and fees for selling platforms. These costs will all need to be factored into your pricing.

Womens Irish Sweaters

By browsing any fashion retailer or designer brand, we can see how much hand-knitted items cost. There is a market for these truly unique and bespoke pieces, with people willing to pay a premium price for a premium item.

For example, take a look at the mens and womens Irish sweaters available from a specialist like Shop Aran. Irish sweaters are steeped in history and heritage. These hand-knitted sweaters were crafted from the finest yarns and used to keep the hard-working fisherman warm at sea. Known for their heat-retaining and moisture-wicking properties, each item was crafted with care and attention, especially for a loved one. These items were so high in quality that they were often passed down as family heirlooms.

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When considering the time, effort, care, and attention that went into creating these beautiful pieces, we can start to understand how purchasing one may have a higher cost, but these costs are justified and worthwhile.