A capsule wardrobe is a well-chosen collection of key items that can be used to easily create an outfit, with versatility and enduring style at the forefront. If you have a disorganised accumulation of mismatched clothes and replace it with a capsule wardrobe, you will always be able to lay your hands on a great outfit. The idea is that when you are not overwhelmed with choice, it is easier to choose.

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What do you need in your capsule wardrobe?

To start off, you will need enough clothing to at least see you through a week. As there will be times when your clothes are in the wash, it is a good idea to buy multiples of each item.


Seven or eight tops of varying types is a good place to start; for example, a great staple would be mens Superdry t shirts. Depending on your lifestyle and work requirements, you may need other types of shirts, such as polo shirts or tailored shirts. Try to keep to neutral colours, as these go well together and will match with a wider variety of other items.

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When choosing trousers, two pairs is a good number to start with. Aim for something casual, such as jeans, but select a darker colour to enable them to be teamed with a dressier shirt and jacket for a less casual look.

A pair of chinos in a neutral shade is also a versatile option.


Your footwear options do not have to be extensive. Whilst you could easily find yourself purchasing several mens Superdry T shirts, two pairs of footwear should cater to most requirements. We all need something for casual occasions and even just for the possibility of dressier occasions, so a pair of white trainers and a pair of plain black shoes or boots should do nicely.


The final component essential to a capsule wardrobe is outerwear. Two jackets or coats in plain navy or black that are relevant to the season should be enough. A blazer can be paired with more formal attire or with a T-shirt and trainers as required, so this is always a wise and flexible choice.