We have all felt the surge of confidence that comes from the knowledge that we are wearing beautiful lingerie beneath our clothes. The right underwear can lift our assets, smooth our less-favoured areas and add a spring to our step. Here we look at how to make the right choices next time you hit the lingerie section.

Lingerie styling from the pros

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Get the right fit

We have heard it time and time again: most women are wearing the wrong bra. This can be uncomfortable, give you less support than you need, and can even lead to back problems. By taking the time to get properly fitted, you can make sure that you look and feel confident in your new lingerie.

Boutique lingerie stores tend to have staff who specialise in nothing other than lingerie, which contrasts favourably with the more generalised assistance to be expected in department stores.

One size fits all?

All bodies are different, with these differences manifesting in myriad different ways. While most of us are aware that chest measurements and cup sizes vary, we don’t often hear about how breast shape can affect bra choice; for example, while you might be a standard size 34C in one shop, you may find that T-shirt bras don’t fit you as well as balconettes.

By trying on a few different styles, you can work out which bras give you the support you need while showing off your assets in a way you feel comfortable with; after all, what is perfect for date night might not be right for Monday morning’s presentation. For a smooth, comfortable fit under clothes, try a bra with a fuller cup; for example, the Prima Donna Deauville Bra from a specialist such as http://www.orchidlingerie.co.uk is a likely to be a great option.

Less is more – or is it?

For years, tiny underwear such as the G-string, tanga and thong have been the go-to choice for seriously sexy underwear. While for some these styles are a great choice, for others they can be uncomfortable, leaving you feeling more annoyed than attractive. Thanks to the popularity of the vintage look, you can find a variety of high-waisted, 1950s-inspired briefs on the high street. They perfectly accentuate your waist and feel so comfortable that you will forget you are wearing them.