Creating a capsule wardrobe is a great way to de-clutter and make sure that you always have an outfit ready for any occasion. A wardrobe created like this will also save you time and money in the long run as you always have the right clothing for any occasion to hand.

Here are some of the essentials for a capsule wardrobe…

Shirts are an essential part of a capsule wardrobe. The number that you have of course depends on how much you wear them – if you are required to wear a shirt to work every day, have five, but if not two should be plenty. Choose good quality shirts like Farah Oxford Shirts from EJ Menswear, and remember to get a dress shirt for occasions such as weddings.

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T-Shirts – These are not only an essential summer staple but during the cooler times of the year, they are great for layering when worn under a shirt for example. Try to have at least one in white as it is easy to pair with everything and go for mostly plain t-shirts. You won’t need any more than four in a capsule wardrobe.

Jumpers – For a capsule wardrobe you will need two jumpers, which can be worn under a suit jacket for work in the winter, as well as with jeans on the weekend for a more casual look.

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Trousers – A couple of pairs of smart trousers and a couple of pairs of well-fitting jeans are all that you need. Trousers such as chinos are stylish and versatile, and when choosing jeans make sure they are a good quality and fit as these will stand the test of time.