When you choose your underwear, it might seem as though you are simply selecting the clothes you want to wear next to your skin that day. In reality, there is a whole lot more going on beneath the surface. In fact, the clothes you choose to lie next to your skin are subliminally linked to the person you would like to be in close contact with throughout the day.

Subliminal Messaging

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We have all heard of subliminal messages being used in advertising but it now seems your choice of underwear is also giving hidden messages. Here is a brief run-down of what your lingerie is really saying:

Designer Underwear

The woman who chooses a matching designer set sees herself as a glamorous starlet. The message is that she is always determined to be fashionable, sexy and desirable. The subliminal thought here is towards a highly desirable, picture-perfect mate, both in looks and success.

White Cotton

This classic choice is related to tradition. Women who pick this underwear are thinking about traditional values and a future with a husband and children. That is not to say it is a boring choice as there are many beautiful white bras, such as the Prima Donna Deauville bra, available at http://www.orchidlingerie.co.uk/pd0161810-prima-donna-deauville-bra.

Colourful Thong

This flirty choice says that although on the surface you are looking for an adventurous partner, underneath lies the desire for sensible boundaries. Many thong-wearers are looking for a more sensible partner to help them rein in their rebellious streak and give them grounding.

Push-Up Bra

This choice is making the best of what you have to give yourself a boost in the world of love. The false ‘product advertising’ means you are looking for the buzz of love in the commodified world. Be careful you don’t get bored with the ‘product’ you end up with and need to exchange him for another model!

Men’s Underwear

Many women are turning to men’s underwear as a comfier option. While many items of women’s underwear have scratchy lace and tight gussets, soft, roomy men’s pants are highly attractive. This message is one of confidence in your femininity – and your dream partner needs to match that boldness.

So when you next open your underwear drawer, stop and think about the message you are giving yourself about your romantic dreams!