Would you like to look cool and have some dark lips? In our blog we give you some tips to get these dark lipsticks, you join us?

The dark lips are trend for some years, covering different shades: cherry, burgundy, red … and even black. This detail often traditionally associated with the Gothic, is now very common especially among public looks, but is becoming more popular in the daily outfits.

Tips to have a dark lipsHow have some dark lips or dark lips

The dark lips do not help bring personality to our appearance, as they are much bolder and less conventional than the pastel shades. Therefore they are not suitable for some specific occasions, such as a job interview or a formal lunch. However, we can show off in a multitude of events (dinners, parties, walks and even in our day to day).

We have seen the dark lips on the catwalks, in all beauty and fashion magazines, and in the mouths of a number of celebrities. We can draw inspiration from them to create our looks, checking how some prefer to combine this trend with the rest of your outfit while others prefer to make a difference in styles.

In any case, despite the variety found on this trend, there are some basic tips that will help us show off the most flattering way. These are summarized below:

  1. Hydrated Lips: The dark tones lose a lot of intensity on dry, chapped lips, and highlight these small imperfections. For this reason, and for our own comfort, it is better to keep our lips hydrated and healthy, using lip protection exfoliates daily and once or twice a week.
  2. Choose the right tone: In dark colors, we find a wide range; certainly not the same as a one black burgundy lipstick. To decide on one of them, we must take into account the characteristics of the event we are going to go, and the tone of our skin. The stronger lipstick will be bolder look, and thinner lips will be.
  3. Outline with a pencil: It is an essential step when we use this kind of shades to obtain dark lips. With the liner we not only define well the shape of the lips, correcting minor imperfections turn, but also get the lipstick stay longer intact.
  4. Apply prebase: In this way, the color will remain for longer. Some of them also serve the function of moisturize and soften lips.
  5. Using a brush: Applying lipstick thus also achieved better adhesion, and therefore a longer duration. It is desirable to apply two layers, since the former will fade faster. All trying not to exceed the lines created with the pencil.
  6. Remove excess product: We put a Kleenex on the lips and press gently to remove excess lipstick traces.
  7. Apply translucent powder: So the whole sealed well so that color stays longer.
  8. Leave prominence to the lips: These should be the most striking element of the face, so it is recommended to use a discreet makeup in the rest of the face.

What do you think these simple tips to have some dark lips of the most exclusive?