Knitting and crochet have grown in popularity in recent years. Both are therapeutic pastimes that allow you to make a unique item by hand.

If you’ve ever considered trying either of these hobbies, you may have found yourself wondering about the difference between the two. Apart from the end piece looking different, how different are they in practice?

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What is crochet?

Both knitting and crochet can be used to make a variety of garments and items. You can knit or crochet everything from toys to rugs and blankets.

Crochet kits – especially crochet blanket kits – are a great way to try out crochet and determine if it’s the hobby for you. Kits for crochet toys or clothes or crochet blanket kits provide you with all of the necessary tools to get started, including a crochet hook and yarn.

What is the difference between crochet and knitting?

One big difference between knitting and crochet is the tools. Crochet requires a single crochet hook, while knitting requires two knitting needles.

Due to the tools used, the stitches formed by each look different. With crochet, the stitches resemble knots, while knitted stitches are looser and shaped like interlocking loops. Knitted items as a result are often able to stretch more than crocheted items.

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Knitting has also been a mainstream hobby for a longer time than crochet, so you may find it easier to find knitting patterns and tools than crochet patterns and tools. That being said, you can easily find a variety of crochet kits, such as crochet blanket kits, online that provide you with all of the materials you need to complete a piece.

No matter which hobby you choose, both are a fun way to learn a new skill and create an entirely unique item.