The humble belt can be worn in two different ways:

  1. To maintain in place an outfit that’s on the large side
  2. To illuminate an outfit, or to tighten up the waist stylishly

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Also, when you wear, for example:

  • A slim or skinny top with a loose shirt, blouse, sweater or t-shirt
  • Wear loose trousers with a tight top
  • A top and bottom that are slightly loose
  • You want to define your silhouette by marking your waist on a dress
  • You have a skirt that you want to transition into the top by slipping it inside
  • You want to create a structured silhouette by wearing a sweater with your skirt

Wearing a belt is a normal thing to do but you should add something special to your look. Your outfit must not be confused by your accessories, but should complement the message. The belt must match the style of your clothing.

We often make the mistake of having a collection of belts that are all the same type and correspond to the same style. It limits our options and prevents us from creating a successful look in a variety of styles. For women’s and Mens Black Leather Belts, visit

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There is no need to have dozens or even hundreds of belts all looking the same. Instead, you should choose one belt for each style: classic, rock, casual, bohemian etc. A beautiful belt is sure to enhance your look and attract attention.

Choose a belt made of full grain leather or calf, cowhide, etc. Double-lined luxury belts give them a more classic and straight look. You can choose fabric belts for wide belts. Do not just grab the first thing that you see, but choose carefully a well-cut belt in a quality material.