Google Chrome is the most popular browser by far, and for this reason it has more offer of extensions than the competition. Normally, we are used to installing useful extensions that help us on a daily basis. Today we are going to know something different.

Some are so strange and bad that they make you want to install them, in this way we will have fun for a while or completely change the experience of browsing the Internet.


Wurstify is a strange extension that will make the Internet look like there are only people with beards. No more shaved faces, no matter the sex or age.

No Cyrus

If you’re tired of seeing Miley Cyrus on the Internet, with No Cyrus you can make her disappear with just one click. Her statement of intent is unbeatable: “Hide all mentions to Miley Cyrus, her twerking and all her ridiculous words.”


If you are an extreme person with somewhat different tastes, this extension is for you. With nCage we will get all the images we see on the Internet to be transformed so that we only see the face of Nicolas Cage.


We go one step further. One of the memes that I like the most in the world is related to John Cena. If you want your browser to surprise you from time to time with the classic shout and the sound of trumpets, you’re in luck. Cenafy is second to none. Of course, it will not be very productive if you are in the middle of a meeting with Google Hangouts:

Tail Tab

With Tab Tail you will get that every time you open a new tab is something totally refreshing . You will hear that bubbling sound characteristic of soda cans every time you do ‘Control + T’.

Celeb Replacer

Its operation can not be more fun: replace celebrities with other celebrities. With ‘ Celeb Replacer ‘ can happen to be as crazy as Vladimir Putin invite Kim Kardashian (who replaces Kim Jong-un) to know Russia.

Cornify !!

Cornify will fill your computer with rainbows and mythological animals. It is ideal if you have a friend / coworker who hates unicorns, being able to install it when you are clueless. It is also great to get the attention of everyone who is around you (if there is someone, of course).

April First Prank Toolkit

This extension is also perfect when it comes to trolling your acquaintances. With a single click you will get to scratch your head wondering what is happening. You can make it go to Bing instead of Google (that hurts), flip the images or censor everything you see.


There is no better way to finish this article. Nothing is an extension that lives up to its name . It does absolutely nothing, and that is something that is not usually common.