Negative comments on Google Maps are a real problem for many companies. They give a bad image of the business, they can discourage potential clients and, sometimes, they are not a faithful reflection of their business reality. They come from competitors with few scruples, from vindictive clients or employees-old or current-dissatisfied. A situation, the latter, which Google wants to face.

In the section dedicated to prohibited and restricted content of the content policy contributed by users, Google maps now address contributions related to a previous work experience as a “conflict of interest”. This content, from the application of the guideline, is not allowed as negative opinions about current employees are no longer allowed according to Gizmodo Australia.

The content provided by the users of Maps is more useful when it is sincere and impartial. The following is not allowed:

  • Publish a review of your own company.
  • Publish negative content about an old or current employment experience.
  • Publish negative content about the competition to manipulate its valuation.

Greater protection of digital reputation

This relatively minor change within the large structure of Google Maps policies has a great impact on many businesses, especially the smallest ones. Small and medium businesses are the most complicated to deal with this kind of deliberately malicious opinions that can determine in a majority way their digital reputation.

In countries like the United States, there are laws that prohibit companies from threatening lawsuits to stop negative reviews and other sites focused on recommendations, such as Yelp, have their own policies that expressly protect the right to have a negative opinion about a business.

The biggest beneficiaries of this change will be small businesses, those most exposed to malicious negative opinions

However, the former employees are not a typical customer, which is why Google has considered that their content is in a conflict of interest. Although the policy of the giant search engine maps do not come to assess the validity of the positive comments of a former employee. Google Maps does not seem to be the best place to find out what has been the treatment of companies to their employees or what they think of their previous jobs.