In case YouTube Red, Google Play Music and YouTube Music were not enough, everything indicates that Google plans to launch a new streaming music service in the month of March. According to Bloomberg, it will be called “Remix”.

We would be facing a new attempt by Google to dominate the streaming music market, having to fight with services such as Spotify, Apple Music and TIDAL. Anyway, the figures already speak in their favor.

Figures that eclipse Spotify and Apple Music

Although YouTube does not self-label as a streaming music service, the reality is that it is the largest on the planet. With more than 1500 million people accessing monthly, the platform is eight times larger than Spotify and Apple Music together.

According to a report by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry last September, 85% of YouTube users use this service to listen to music for free.

YouTube eight times bigger than Spotify and Apple Music together.

Obviously, this does not make the record industry very happy, since a system based on advertising offers fewer benefits to artists than those based on a subscription model.

With Remix, YouTube could make peace with the industry, launching a payment service that combines several features that we already know. According to Bloomberg, it will also offer “YouTube elements, such as video clips.”

Warner Music is already part of this project, and Google is negotiating to reach an agreement with the other two major labels (Universal and Sony Music).

End all the confusion

What is clear is that YouTube has all the potential (based on its numbers) of sweeping platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. To give a quick example, we just have to see what happened this summer with ‘ Despacito ‘ to realize the power that this platform has in the world of music.

So far, Google has not achieved all the success they were looking for with Google Play Music or YouTube Red. Part of the problem may be that many users find it confusing that there are several services coexisting at the same time.

A combination of both platforms can be a success , accessing an extensive catalog of streaming music and being able to enjoy YouTube without advertising (and perhaps being able to download the videos, etc).

The big challenge will be to convince 85% of users who use YouTube to listen to free music.

The real challenge is to convince users who used YouTube to listen to free music to make the leap to a payment model. The way they advertise “Remix” will be key, but this time they could have pressed the correct key.

Another important point could be to eliminate the offer itself, since most of the users know what Spotify offers (both in its free version and in the paid version). When knowing what it offers, you only have to decide if you are interested in taking the leap.

Everyone knows YouTube, and especially its benefits. I doubt that the same number of people know YouTube Red, Google Play Music or YouTube Music and, above all, know what each of them offers.

Remix has the opportunity to put an end to this chaos and make Google put on the ropes platforms that until now were well positioned. We’ll have to wait until 2018 to find out.